RENEW 2013

The 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology

Riga / October 8 – 11, 2013

"Eastern-Europe Histories" Participants

Barbora SEDIVA, Katarina GATIALOVA

REMAKE: REthinking Media Arts in C(K)ollaborative Environments

Session:EE histories

Panel:Panel B


Venue:Stockholm School of Economics

Several cultural organizations started REMAKE with the simple idea: to approach internet research database Monoskop in an interesting and playful way and accept the challenge to present contemporary art works inspired by the rich history of media art in Central and Eastern Europe. Rather than traditional exhibition, REMAKE is a dynamic event, presenting certain stage in this project’s thinking. It is also a result of two-year creative and social experiment. Artists and independent curators from the network of congenial international teams were trying to find the best way to mediate important pioneer works of media art (often ignored by international art history) and enter them in today’s context. Works and practices of artists such as Stanisław Dróżdż, Vladimir Bonačić or pioneer of Slovak acoustic-electric music Jozef Malovec had proven to be invaluable source of inspiration and a great material for progressive contemporary art. Some artists found works that were most inspiring for them: team from Lost Horse Gallery (IS) picked synesthetic works by Russian group Prometei from 1960s, students’ platform Standuino was inspired by ‘kludging’ of musician and teacher from Brno Faculty of Fine Arts Stanislav Filip. In this project were art works, embedded in local history, promoted in the international context. Their relationships and connections within the exhibition mirrored subjective view of important parts of history of art and development of technologies. The exhibition had several stages, and served as a space for events as well as for research and interaction for its visitors. The idea of the show – working with already existing art works – contributes also to topical discussion about perception of art as intellectual property or, on the contrary, as a source of inspiration.

Born 1981 in Trenčín, Slovakia. Graduated in culture studies from the Faculty of Philosophy of Comenius University in Bratislava (MA), and in Public Art and Cultural Management from the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Technology in Brno (PhD).

Barbora is a member of Atrakt Art and 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media collectives. She used to work in A4 – Zero Space in Bratislava since its start in 2004 until she moved to Brno (2006). She is an editor of 3/4 magazine (since 2004) and Atrakt Art label, a co-organiser of Next festival of advanced music (Bratislava), and the coordinator of Multiplace new media culture festival. She was involved in running the Summer Open Academy (Bratislava) and Urban Re/Creation/Citylab (Bratislava) projects. She organised several workshops, including Urban reset (Bratislava/Brno) and Living Vandalism (Brno). Co-author of the Cool Place film project – a series of workshops focused on acquainting young people with the film medium and making short documentary films about the places that create their living space.

Worked at The Brno House of Arts (off program dramaturgy, production, fundraising, event management, 2009 – 2012), and co-organised and co-curated Remake / REthinking Media Art in K©ollaborative Environments, an international art project aimed in creation and presentation of new works inspired by the history of media arts (2010-12). Editor of Brno exhibition catalogue and 3/4 magazine special issue on media art history: Remake

Back to the freelance life since September 2012.

Barbora is a co-founder of 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media association (2010) which run the Gallery of Architecture in Brno (2011-2012). Since February 2013 the association is based in an old railway building in the southern city of Brno (Rosická 1).

Barbora is also a co-curator of the Asking Architecture, the winning project for the exposition in the Czech and Slovak Pavilion at 13th International Architecture Exhibition of la Bienale di Venezia 2012, in cooperation with curator and architect Ján Pernecký .

In March 2013 Barbora co-curated the Hi5! exhibition in cooperation with Croatian artist and curator Slaven Tolj in The Brno House of Arts. The exhibiton mapped out the current work and ideas of students in Fine Arts study programmes in Czech university Arts Schools.

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