RENEW 2013

The 5th International Conference on the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology

Riga / October 8 – 11, 2013



Selected papers from the conference will be published in Acoustic Space printed journal (ISSN 1407-2858). Founded in 1998 by E-Lab as artistic journal for, internet radio and new media culture, since 2007 Acoustic Space comes out as peer-reviewed journal for transdisciplinary research on art, science, technology and society, published by RIXC Center for New Media Culture and Art Research Lab of Liepaja University.

Full papers will be also published in MAH Archive – the digital repository of scholarship examining the Histories of Media Art, Science and Technology, archive of the Media Art History international conference series.


Participants of the conference are invited to submit the papers for MAH 2013: RENEW conference proceedings:

1) Selected papers will be published in the next three issues of Acoustic Space printed journal series. The papers will be peer reviewed by at least two reviewers.

Acoustic Space No 12 – TECHNO-ECOLOGIES II –
will include papers from Techno-Ecologies and other thematically related sessions – Geospatial, Art and Science, Paradigm Shift. This edition will come out in Spring 2014.

Acoustic Space No 13 – ARCHIVING
will be a collection of texts from Archiving and Media Archeology sessions, and this issue will be out by the end of 2014.

Acoustic Space No 14 – NETWORKED ARTS
will be a selection of papers mainly presented in Histories of Networked Art and Media Technologies and Eastern European sessions. This publication will come out in Spring 2015, and (together with other two previous published) will be presented in the next MAH meeting in Montreal.


The first deadline for submitting full papers – JANUARY 31, 2014.
By this deadline we expect papers from Techno-Ecologies, Geospatial, Art and Science, and Paradigm Shift sessions.

For the all other sessions (Archiving, Networked Arts, Media Archeology, Eastern European Media Arts), the deadline is extended till – MARCH 3, 2014.


Please submit your papers by sending them to RENEW email address:

Submitted papers should be organized as follows:

1) Title of the article, authorship, and affiliation
2) Abstract (200-250 words)
3) 5-6 keywords
4) The main body text.
Length of texts – between 2500 and 8000 words (i.e. 20 000 – 45 000 characters).
The body text should by written in APA style, including in-text citations following APA Manual.
Example for in-text citation:
… Latour argues that “political ecology has nothing to do with nature” (Latour 2004, 5). ..
5) Reference List / Bibliography.
Latour, Bruno. 2004. The Politics of Nature. Cambridge (MA): Harvard University Press
6) Author’s biography (max. 100 words / 600 characters)
7) Author’s Note (if appropriate) and Correspondence contact information.
8) Appendixes, if needed.
9) Tables, figures and illustrations, numbered and in the order of mention in the article, with accompanying title/caption information.


Founded in 1998 by E-Lab as artistic journal for, networked sound experiments and new media culture, since 2007 Acoustic Space comes out as peer-reviewed journal for transdisciplinary research on art, science, technology and society, published by RIXC / Riga & Art Research Lab of Liepaja University / Liepaja.
The journal publishes proceedings from annual Art+Communication festival conferences, but is not limited to it, and also includes papers from other international meetings that are geared towards introducing novelty themes in contemporary media art and network culture. The titles of the previous jouranl editions include: Techno-Ecologies (AS No 11), Networks and Sustainability (AS No 10), Art as Research (AS No 9), Energy – (AS No 8), Spectropia (AS No 7), Waves – Electromagnetic Waves as Material and Medium in arts (AS No 6), etc.

The previous editions of Acoustic Space journals are now available via

or, you can also order them directly from RIXC by sending an e-mail request to: rixc(at)


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us by sending email to: renew (at), or by contacting editors: Rasa Smite – rasa (at) and Daina Silina – daina (at)

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